chickypeg: Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you're an amazingly talented person with an awesome sense of humor! Thank you for sharing your work!

oh oH OMG. THANK YOU!!!!! and always bby, always



it runs in the fam

justmimiguys: I love your blog. Every time I see one of your pictures, I get motivated to read some itasaku. Aha

//trips into a deep hole// eeeeeeee thank you!!! and yes, go read ur daily itasaku it’s good for ur soul u w u

Anonymous: I love your blog sooooo much *-* please draw more of these wonderful drawings *-*

ahhhh!! Thank you soo much, and ofc i will anon!! <3


aremi122: OMG i love you blog is so perfect !


naruto-uzufuckme: Hi, I was just wondering what program you use to do your little drawings. They are very pretty and I love them so much. I've always wanted to make my own doodles an such. xx

!!!!! THank you so much!! <3 Well I use PaintTool SAI along with my wacom tablet! 

Anonymous: Hiii just wanted to say I love your blog!! Your drawings are the cutest and your blog made me ship itasaku so hard

ahhhHHHH!!!! IM SO HAPPY. Thank you so much and welcome to the club of itasaku people. We sell lemonade in the back u w u<3 BUT THANK YU AHAHSHQISHQDOQWFQ.

Anonymous: this blog is wonderful i just want to cry and hug you

*trips on my tears* thaNK YOU ANON, LETS HUG <333333

Hey guys. Itachi and Sakura are taking a small break from answering! I hope you don’t mind and they will be back soon. Thanks for asking!♥

Anonymous: Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

eeek thank u very much!!!

mc-faggot-cakes: Your blog is my everything now.